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E-News Builder: Custom Content Rows
Please note that this feature and other editing features may be restricted due to your affiliation with a specific company for compliance purposes.
The E-NEWS Builder supports any kind of additional content you want to provide.
The way Emails are structured is in Rows and Columns. First you add a Row with a set number of Columns to the email. Then you add Content Blocks into those Columns.


  • You can add new Rows of content by clicking on the Rows tab of the Tool bar on the right side of the window.
  • Figure out how many columns you want to display. Then drag the row icon into your email.
  • Now add a Content Block by clicking on the Content tab of the Tools bar on the right side of the window.
  • Choose any kind of element and drag it into the empty placeholder of the Row you added above.
  • You can then customize the content to your liking by typing text, or dragging and dropping images.
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