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Gmail Truncation Issue

Gmail Truncates Long Emails

One aspect of e-Delivery that LTM Client Marketing does not have control over is that Google's popular Gmail service truncates email messages that contain more than 102KiloBytes (KB) of data. The full message is only viewable when someone clicks a "View Entire Message..." link that Gmail appends to the bottom of the message.
The 102KB amount has nothing to do with images or videos -- it refers to the data of the html markup code in the e-Newsletter.
The E-News Builder will warn you if there is more than 102KB of data in your e-Newsletter. It generates a warning when you click the Save Draft button. It's up to you to decide what to cut to get below 102KB.
We have designed the new Online e-Newsletters so that it can contain all of the following elements without exceeding 102KB:
  • Masthead
  • Greeting Message
  • 4 Featured Articles
  • The Contact Information row with a your Name, Company, Address, Phone, Email, Website, and Logo
  • A row of Social Media Icons
  • Standard and Custom Disclaimers
  • The Unsubscribe, and Policy links at the bottom.
If you need to add more rows or a very long Greeting Message you can do so, but you may need to remove other elements to avoid this truncation.

Another alternative

Instead of removing custom content, you can send us a request to reduce the number of Featured Articles to 3 or 2 or even 1, if you prefer.


If choose not to reduce the size of your e-Newsletter, you must expect that all recipients who use Gmail will not see the bottom of your e-mail message.