12 Month Marketing Program - List Editing

Learn how to manage the 12 Month Marketing Program mailing list, and edit the associated product alias list to deliver targeted, relevant content (versions) to your clients.

12 Month Marketing Program - Original List

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OCS Dashboard - Mailing List Editor
Alias list - Updating Version
  1. Under Active Products, the 12 Month Marketing Program hosts your original mailing list for the program. For purposes of adding, deleting or editing records, all changes must be made to the master list under the 12 Month Marketing Program product. These changes will cascade to all other product lists, called an Alias, associated with the program to make it easier to manage address changes and updates. See Edit a List Record for detailed instructions.

  2. All other Active Products will be shown below the 12 Month Marketing Program, and each will have a separate mailing list associated with it. You will be able to view the list under each product, however, if it's an Alias for the 12 Month Marketing Program you will only be able to edit the version column within that product. You can not edit any contact information for the recipient in the list. If you try, you will receive a Warning message, see below.

  3. Depending on the product, you may have multiple mailing lists being displayed.

  4. For example, you will have three lists under the Letters product.

    1. March: Bi-Fold Mailer

    2. September: Legal Letter

    3. November: Die Cut Mailer

  5. In these Alias product lists, you can edit the version for each recipient. A dropdown menu for the versions will appear once you click into the field.

Under the Version column you will see all the versions available for the product. It will not be specific to that individual monthly touch point. Please reference the 12 Month Marketing Program brochure for the available versions. When there is only one product version, such as the January Review Postcard, you don't need to edit the version as it will default to Standard.

2020 - 2021 Available Versions

  1. January - 5x7 Review Postcard, Standard Version

  2. March - 8.5x11 Bi-Fold Mailer, College Planning, Retirement, and Insurance versions

  3. May - 5x7 Referral Invitation with Reply Card, Standard version

  4. July - 6x9 Postcard, College Planning, Retirement, and Insurance versions

  5. September - 8.5x14 Legal Letter, Cybersecurity and Year-end Planning versions

  6. November - 4x6 Die Cut Referral Mailer, Standard (Thankful) or Small Business (Corporate) versions

  7. December - Greeting/Holiday Card, many designs to choose from

Newsletter touch points

  1. eNewsletter (January, March, May, July, September, November) - all versions included.

  2. Print Newsletter (February, April, June, August, October)

    1. Let's Talk Money® - Standard Financial, Retirement, Insurance and Small Business versions

    2. Loose Change® - Standard Financial

    3. ClientLine® - Standard

Alias List Editing Warning

Warning when trying to edit the contact information in an alias list record.