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E-Newsletter FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about the E-Newsletter Program
Do the changes I make here affect my Print Newsletter or other products I order from LTM Client Marketing?
Sorry, no. The E-News Builder only modifies the e-Newsletter and the Landing Page Website. If you would like to submit updated photos, logos, or other content changes for your print products, you will need to submit a Revision Request under that product in the Navigation bar.
Can I edit the Articles displayed here?
No, the articles displayed in the E-News Builder are for "show". Meaning, we want you to see where the articles appear, and how the Featured Articles section impacts your layout. But the Featured Articles themselves are dynamically inserted into your e-Newsletter every issue.
Why are some of the Content Blocks locked?
By default, we lock down some elements to make sure that the e-Newsletter's structure stays in good order. The elements that are unlocked are intended for you to update whenever you want, but other elements are locked down to prevent accidental re-ordering, or deletion. If you would like full access to blocks like the Custom Masthead block, send in a Support request using the Feedback tab.
When does the e-Newsletter go out?
Typically, on the 1st of the issue month, or the first business day following, if the 1st is on a weekend. If you have outstanding revisions, or if there is a payment issue, your newsletter may go out a few days later.
What is the Website Landing Page?
Every e-Newsletter has several Featured Articles. The e-Newsletter has a brief article summary and a Read More link. A recipient who clicks the Read More link lands on your "landing page" website. The Landing Page site is not intended to be a full featured web site, simply a place where your readers can read your article.
The Landing Page Website shares the Contact Information section with your e-Newsletter.
Can I show Custom Content on my Landing Page Website?
No, the Website Landing Page is only intended as a place for your recipients to read your e-Newsletter articles, display your Contact Information, and show a Subscribe and Contact Form.
The HOME link in the NavBar can link to your main website if you'd like.
How do I see who's reading the e-Newsletter?
In compliance with our Privacy Policy, LTM Client Marketing does not collect identifying information about who is reading the articles.
Are there Analytics? How can I see how effective my e-Newsletter is?
We do collect non-identifying Analytics. Below the E-NEWS Builder link in the Navigation bar, you'll see an Analytics link. If we have done e-Delivery on your e-Newsletter, you will see statistics for how many emails were Delivered, how many were Opened, and how many were Clicked on. Note that not all Email software supports collecting Opened statistics.
How are unsubscribes handled?
When someone clicks the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of an e-Newsletter, they are sent to a special web page that asks them to confirm that they want to Unsubscribe. If they click the Unsubscribe button, the email record is flagged in your Mailing List and in the future, email will not be delivered to this address again.
Why is there a Subscribe form on my Landing Page?
Every Online Website has a Subscribe form to allow you to get Opt-In subscribers. You may, for instance, post an article on LinkedIn, and someone who's not currently a subscriber to your e-Newsletter can subscribe at this point.
What are Bounces?
Bounces are messages to individual recipients that "bounce back" during delivery. If an address in your list is invalid, or if the email account has been taken offline, for instance, we will get a "Bounce" when we try to deliver to that email address.
When we process a bounce, we tag the Email address in your Email List as "Bounced".
How do I review my Bounces?
Go to the Email List Editor and click on the Error Info column twice to sort your email list by Error Information. (The 2nd click reverse sorts your list by the Error Info column, so all the records with Bounce Errors appear at the top of the list.)
The Error Info column will display the error message we received from the recipient's Mail Server.
You can then choose to update the email address, or delete the record. If you update a recipient's email address, you can change the Status so it is no longer displayed as a Bounce. You can leave Bounce records in the list -- sometimes Bounce messages are "temporary" errors, like "Mailbox Full".
Every issue, we clear "Bounced" status from all recipients. We then resend to everyone and re-collect Bounce notifications. This way, we update this information every month, so you know it's recent.
Why is my e-Newsletter being clipped?
This is a Gmail-specific problem. The only way to avoid this problem is to reduce the amount of content in your e-Newsletter. Please read more about this Gmail Truncation Issue here.
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